Thursday, March 09, 2006

To the Sheaf board of directors and Sheaf staff,

As a former University of Saskatchewan Student and alumni of the University of Saskatchewan I am writing to express my opinions on the so-called controversy that has erupted over the cartoon that appeared in last week's addition of the Sheaf newspaper.

As I do agree that the cartoon was over the top and offensive and probably should not have appeared in the newspaper, I do also feel that some of the reaction I've been hearing on campus and on certain call-in radio shows is also over the top. The paper has apologized and that should be sufficient. Calling for the paper to close, the editor to resign, or any other drastic and reactionary things to happen will not help resolve the current controversy. The staff and board should work to ensure that they follow their guidelines in the future. Mistakes happen and I want you to know that there is a group of people out here in the public that do not support drastic measures when a simple retraction and apology is enough.

Take a step back. Think before you act. This is a time for good leadership, not knee-jerk reactions.


Trevor M-S
Graduate of the University of Saskatchewan (2001)


Blogger Heather Fenton said...

I would like to express my support for Trevor's article and the creators of this blog. I highly value The Sheaf as an independent media source and a university newspaper. As a previous volunteer for a similar university paper I can attest to the opportunities available for students to become involved in journalism. Newspapers like these provide gateways for budding journalists, politicians and academics of all types. It would be a shame to lose such an important component of the university lifestyle. So many people rely on this newspaper as a career initiative, would it be fair to remove such an educational opportunity from students?

Heather Fenton
Veterinary Medicine

9:37 PM  

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