Saturday, March 11, 2006

To everyone who supports, or wonders if they should support The Sheaf:

Thank you for considering this issue with an open and rational mind.
Errors were undoubtedly made on the part of the editorial and production staffs of The Sheaf, as well as by myself (the writer/artist of the recent edition of Capitalist Piglet), but this is in no way representative of what all of the good people who have been involved over the years have believed in and worked to create.

Despite all of the attacks and criticism it has received, The Sheaf continues to enjoy the support of the vast majority of the community, and is certainly an important institution to maintain. Freedom of speech and of the press have both been questioned here, but it is important to consider this: these freedoms are only questioned in times where our beliefs are challenged or provoked, and in such times, we do not come to judgment under rational mind.

It is important that when you think about the future of The Sheaf, you are thinking with clarity, and not acting in haste. Trying to shut the important, empowering, and historic institution which is our campus newspaper is a hastily considered reaction, and would do nothing to further the spirit of intellectual freedom which is necessary for any healthy academic institution.

Rather than attempting to do harm to something which belongs to all of us as students, instead make efforts towards positive change. Get involved, write something, draw something, say something and do something, but do not destroy something which is a part of all of us as members of the student body.

Please people, accept that the comic which has been negatively received by so many of us was an error of judgment and was intended to foster growth rather than discord.

Yours truly,

-jeff macdonald


Blogger Jaderaid said...

Go jeff.
Here is something brad whipped together for everyone to enjoy:

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Please download it and don't link to my site and suck up my bandwidth kthx.

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