Friday, March 10, 2006

More letters

To whom it may concern,

I am writing because I am deeply disturbed by the events of the pastweek. No doubt you realize that I am referring to the publishing of thecartoon “Capitalist Piglet”, and the resulting backlash. It can not be denied that the inclusion of this cartoon in the Sheaf was hypocritical in light oftheir refusal to publish other cartoons with similar subject matter, namelythe “Mohammed” cartoon. It was also in very bad taste given its explicitly lewdnature. However, what I find most troubling is the suggestion that this shouldresult in any sort of boycott or closure of the sheaf. I believe that the sheafis an extremely important source of independent media, and that it is thenature, indeed the purpose, of independent media to publish matter which isdeemed controversial and in some cases even offensive. It is for this reasonthat the call to silence the Sheaf due to the contentious nature of itscontents seems like an attempt at censorship to appease particularly vocalinterest groups, more closely resembling the climate of communist era Russiathen our democratic nation. I am also deeply shamed at the lack of movement tosupport our right to independent media, which smacks of both apathy andcowardice. Does the sheaf require improvement? Yes. Did the staff of the papershow poor judgment by publishing the cartoon? Of course. Should the Sheaf beshunt down for exercising its right to freedom of the press? Absolutely not.


Chelsea Himsworth
Veterinary Medicine


Blogger hutton said...

Kudos to everyone here for starting this blog. That publishing something without intent could lead to the suggestion that the Sheaf should be shut down is a thought that I found kind've insane. I edited the paper last year and really, truly believe that the paper serves an important function on campus. I mean, it's the best alternative we've got to a certain AM radio host.

2:05 PM  
Blogger tomax7 said...

While I agree the shutting down of the Sheaf is extreme, just as much as the cartoon was done in point form of showing our freedom of speech, both are extreme.

As for an alternative, well I'll go for that as long as the paper is self-supporting. Till then it is not truly an "independant" paper.

Actions speak louder than words. Get the Sheaf off the fee structure and drop the "University of Saskatchewan Student Newspaper" title and then I'll say it is independant.

Till then, it should adhere to rules and regulations of the University.

1:07 PM  

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