Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dear Acting Editor and Board Members of The Sheaf,

I am writing to express my deep concern over your decision to remove Will Robbins as the Editor-in-Chief of your paper.

I understand that The Sheaf has been through a week of crisis management since the publication of the Capitalist Piglet cartoon which was published mistakenly. But I cannot believe for a second that letting go of Will Robbins will do anything to deal with this situation. It will not appease those who would like to see the paper shut down, and will leave you, the staff and board of the sheaf, short on time, experience, ideas and leadership to deal with this situation and respond to those who are raising concerns.

Furthermore, as an important independent voice for students on this campus, I think The Sheaf is making a mistake by caving to the pressure that was stirred up by media and political actors such as John Gormley, and University Administration such as Peter MacKinnon. Gormley and MacKinnon do not pay fees to the Sheaf like students do. We should not give them the power to influence decisions like this.

Certainly, an apology for running the cartoon was warranted, but I am extremely disappointed that The Sheaf made this rash decision to force out Will Robbins. I hope that you will think through any further response to this issue more carefully so that the integrity and independence of your paper continue for many years to come.


Tracey Mitchell
4th year Arts and Science Student


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