Thursday, March 09, 2006

Attention: Sheaf Staff and Board

The "Capitalist Piglet" cartoon that was published in the March 2nd edition of the Sheaf was a tasteless mistake. I am concerned by the Sheaf's response to this mistake.

The resignation of the Editor-in-Chief is not an appropriate response to this public outcry. The responsible action would be to retain our Editor-in-Chief, as Sheaf leadership is needed to repair the reputation of our university's newspaper. The Editor-in-Chief's resignation is not a step towards a solution.

There has been discussion of the abolishment of the Sheaf. Students such as myself rely upon the Sheaf to provide independent media coverage. It would be to the detriment of students and Saskatoon residents to lose the Sheaf.

I encourage the Sheaf staff and board to work together with the Editor-in-Chief to provide an appropriate formal apology for inappropriate material, repair the integrity of the Sheaf, and continue providing quality independent coverage. As a student and a member of your readership, I would prefer to see constructive solutions to this problem, rather than ineffective reactionary decisions.

Terra Lennox-Zepp

Law Student

5th Year University of Saskatchewan Student


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